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Not that long ago I met one of my own, a major music fan. The way we communicate about music is different than the casual fan. These are the unsung heroes of the day. These were the guys that work at record stores and steer music sales. They create new fans. Look at the email he sent me - its a work of art:

Email Titled: Randomly Found This Article


So I was searching for a photo of my friend Jon and this came up in the results. see below.

Discography worth listening to:

Plain Jane (unsigned) was never commercially successful but Chris Paul Overall (“CPO”) started Wonderlove. Except for 2022 Wonderlove has been broken up for years but you should check out any project linked to the band members including LPFM, DeccaTree, and Rival Sons.

Interesting note: The claim to fame for Plain Jane was getting a shout out on the debut album of the Supertones. The line was, “Makes my heart beat all fast like the girl from Plain Jane.” LPFM actually is a collaboration of CPO and a guy who used to be in the Supertones.

Listen to the only two full length Wonderlove Albums:

• Getting off the Revolution (Dropbox)

• All of the Nightmares (2022 on All Streaming Services) my favorite track is “on and on”

Rollarcoaster changed their name to Driver 8 when they were signed to Tooth & Nail Records after this show.

After that band Matt lead Theft and Alex was in Paloalto.

You should listen to:

Paloalto - Heros and Villans (available to stream). They also have a second self-titled album but I just started listening to it.

If you want to hear Theft they have an EP called The Hard Way which is not available on streaming but it’s great for a 24 minute ride in my car.

They were influenced by Catherine Wheel and who released six albums but were best known for Chrome in 1993 but I personally love their last album Wishville from 2000.

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Garold Rafa
Garold Rafa
20 de mai.

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Garold Rafa
Garold Rafa
20 de mai.

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