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A history worth repeating!

Sometimes we need to read history so that we don’t repeat it. Other times we need to read it so that we do.

I’m writing this book because I believe our generation’s greatest need is for history to be repeated. Five hundred years ago a mighty reformation shook Europe, and subsequently, the world. Two hundred and fifty years ago a powerful evangelical revival awakened millions in the colonies that would become the United States of America. Today, in the twenty- first century, I pray God will again touch down and give the masses a fresh sense that He’s real and true.

I dream of seeing churches overflow with crowds of people who are hungry to learn the Bible. I envision businessmen strategizing together about how to advance the gospel because their greatest passion is Jesus. I imagine college students gathering to talk about our great salvation and how they can spend their lives extending it to others.

I picture Christians being marked by radical generosity and risk-taking action to see more lives changed, more souls saved, and more people sent around the world to reach the unreached. I envision more preachers proclaiming the great doctrines of the Bible with unstoppable courage, while God draws many to the Savior. I dream of thousands of people discovering their calling in God’s eternal kingdom and then running hard to play their part well.

How would our world be different if we lived like the real business of life was to love God and help as many people as possible learn to love Him too? What if we recaptured a sense of urgency to live for eternity?

I desire this. I long to see God revive our generation.

The conviction driving this book is that God works through people to change the world—and He’s not done yet. I believe our world can be different, and I believe God wants to work through us to make it different.

- Except from Gospel Patrons by John Rhinehart

(used with permission, thanks John)

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