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COVID-19 and Relaunch Statement

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Our worlds are all reeling from the drastic changes in the last few weeks. Doors are closing left and right and we are now being asked to stay inside. No doubt this affects millions of people who have lives, plans, and schedules. Believe it or not, the first wave to be affected was the road performers, musicians who decided in the best interest of all to cancel their tours. Their decision cost them the loss of ticket sales, the ability to promote their albums and merchandise sales. The days following their brave decision have escalated until today where we have seen an almost a hundred percent halt on normal life.

Now we are left home alone with our family, books, puzzles, record players and media devices. As we sit inside, we wonder what life will look like for when we all re-emerge. The truth is that some can ride this out and re-emerge the same, while others are predicting total financial destruction possibly coming out of this without ever returning to their original craft.

The trend for the first wave, our muses, our performers, is to turn to new ways to try and survive. Already hit hard by low streaming royalties, musicians have been struggling to keep the lights on the past few years. Only the 1% can afford to ride this unknown roller coaster out. The 99% need some new light to shine down upon them during this time.

That is where FEEDtheMUSIC comes in. We have been slowly building our non-profit for the last two years. We take crowdfunding and turn it into a relationship based collaboration. It is people who want to come around an artist so that they can continue to do what they do best, make important music. There are no strings or gimmicks, just an open door to continuing their musical calling. This harkens back to the days of Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach. Sometimes the original idea was the best.

When doors are being closed, let’s do the opposite.

At this time we want to open our doors to the musicians. Those who have already made a home in our hearts and are now finding their ways into our living rooms through our streaming devices. Maybe venues are closed for the moment, tours may be canceled, but now more than ever in our extreme isolationism, we need the joy of music, both recorded and performed. These creators are at risk of living from month to month or gig to gig. May it be at this time that those who are holed up can give back in a way that is as equally meaningful.

At this time if you want to donate to any current musician, let us know and we will pass on your tax-deductible donation to them.* Music changes lives, now it's our time to care for those who have created the soundtrack of our lives.

Pave the way, donate today.

If you are a musician, please don’t hesitate to contact us so that we can onboard you into our system so that those that love you can respond accordingly. We are in this together.

Ryan Zeulner

FEEDtheMUSIC Founder

Current artists on the site, adding more soon!

  • Arthur Alligood

  • Chris McCall

  • Scott & Joel Owen

  • The Side Deal

*If we can’t find a way to get the money to your musician then we will contact you with a list of alternatives or refund the money back to you.  We will take our standard 7% administration costs.

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