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Covid is for the birds

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

What does Tyson Motsenbocker do on the heels of releasing his second full length album on Tooth and Nail Records? He had plans for a national tour with Switchfoot across the country as well as headlining tour up the coast that would have lasted him several months. But before the album and the tours could get off the ground Covid hit. Instead, he found himself birdwatching. What started with skating empty streets of San Diego turned into him filling his instagram feed with fun bird facts.

With an album left hanging, two national tours canceled and a girl friend in another country, he didn’t hang up the towel. He headed to the desert to re-record the recent album, this time with a strip-down acoustic approach. Tyson kept was not about to give up.

Fast forward several months, to what we hope is the end of COVID and we will see that Tyson has released 2 of the 4 acoustic eps that make up his newest batch of songs - one ep for each season (the album naturally lended itself to a few songs capturing a seasonal vibe). We find Tyson engaged to his now fiancé and we await the second half of the album and its new striped down renditions.

A true artist, like Tyson, takes adversity and bends it towards his favor. Consider helping musicians like Tyson by making a tax deductible donation to keep them going.

One day the world will sing again.

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