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Grey Music Matters Part 2

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

How can physical music that is resold benefit an artist and the music industry?

If you missed part one, start here - but here is other ways that we can all help!

  1. Ebay has the ability to support a non-profit. Anything you sell, especially your old vinyl, tapes or cds can have a percentage go to FEEDtheMUSIC; where we are helping artists put food on the table and churn out that next album. You can pick anywhere from 10%-100% of the proceeds to go to a non-profit that helps musicians. From a buyer’s point of view, you can search up listings based on the non-profit as Ebay for Charity has created a specific page for these entries and so you can check out our page here:

  2. Amazon has a way to give back as well and its called Amazon Smile. No matter what you buy if you select FEEDtheMUSIC as your Amazon Smile beneficiary it will allocate .5% of every purchase to helping musicians. This is something everyone can participate in because its a once a year set up and then you go about your business. It is a low percentage, but it can add up over time. You can set it up from the app or on your web browser. If you shop from your web browser, make sure to go to first. The first time you visit this link it will walk you through selecting your charity (and we think you should pick FEEDtheMUSIC,inc). Just think about how much money you’ll be giving to make music happen just in Christmas Shopping alone!

  3. A creative way to give back is every time you pick up a cd at a garage sale or buy a used one online, consider donating a $1 or more to an artist at - It could be a simple reminder that music matters and your love for shows and music will never die. Invest in the future!

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