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How It Makes Me Feel by Denison Witmer

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Have you ever wondered how it makes an artist feel when you donate to their record, to their music, or given them money as an investment into their craft? Well, you don't have to wonder much longer. Denison Witmer has recorded his last two albums from people giving him money. In January of 2020 he committed himself to writing and recording a song a day under the moniker Uncle Denny. On January 22nd, he felt led to record the song "How It Makes Me Feel." The following are the lyrics of what he felt when people interested him to make music.

I’ve been thinking a lot about patience today

How everything has its own timing

How to trust it

How to follow and idea but also lead the way

I’ve been thinking a lot about patience today

Two years ago, my fans gave me money to make a record

Let me tell you how that made me feel

First thing I felt was gratitude, of course. How couldn’t I?

Second thing I felt was responsibility and desire to give something I believe in and give it back to them

Made me think a lot about process those days

Spent a lot of money on musicians and studios

Tried my best to write the best songs I possibly could

Something a lot of creative types might not tell you is about the time in between

When you finish your project and when it’s finally released It feels like it sits inside of you and starts to scream, “LET ME OUT!”

So now down here in my basement I think I’m having some kind of reaction

I need something fast -- Some kind of instant satisfaction

Less about the music and more about the words

Or maybe it’s

Less about the words and more about how it makes me feel

Listen to the song HERE.

One day we can hope that Denison will look to FEEDtheMUSIC and his collaborators to help make more music. If you have given to an artist in the past, I believe that Denison's feelings are fairly universal. Every artists feels gratitude and the weight of the responsibility.

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