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“HUGE Jeremy Camp fan! His music is why I'm still here……”

After I sold a rare Jeremy Camp CD online, I got a message on eBay asking when I’d be able to send it out. I replied that I’d be able to send it out right away, and his response caught my attention: "I’m a huge Jeremy Camp fan! His music is why I’m still here…” and with that, he had me hooked. I knew there was a story here, something powerful had happened, and music had been the soothing balm that had kept him alive. I pressed in and explained what I am trying to do with FEEDtheMUSIC and how I believe music is so important, especially the right kind of music - the kind of music that Jeremy Camp, the PawnShop kings, Chris McCall, or thousands of others are making. With some coaxing, I got him to share his story, and this is what he wrote. Thank you, Christopher, for being so venerable for sharing your story. Thanks for trusting FEEDtheMUSIC to tell it well, and I hope that your story helps so many others!

These are Christopher’s own words-

Back in 2007, I had just found out my wife (now ex-wife) was having an affair. I was already struggling, and at that point, I was just done. I was ready for it all to end. A friend from slow-pitch softball asked me to come to church with him that Sunday. I agreed, knowing it would be the last time. The worship team sang "I Still Believe," and for some reason, I just couldn't get the song out of my head. I went home and looked it up on the internet (, if you've ever heard of that site). I found out the story behind the song and thought maybe there was still hope for me and my life. I have been battling depression since then, but the one thing that has kept me here is Jeremy Camp's music. I have considered ending it four different times, and each time it has been a Jeremy Camp song that has stopped me. Each new album he records just feels like the words are directed toward me. Each one has words I need to hear. Sometimes it's almost too late, but they make it just in time. "I Still Believe" was the first song of his I connected with, then "There Will Be A Day." I listen to that song every time I lose someone and share it with people when they lose someone they're close to. "Out of My Hands" and "Getting Started" are the more recent ones that have really spoken to me.

Before hearing "I Still Believe," I thought I had a decent relationship with God. Now I know that I never really did. It still isn't where I'd like for it to be, but I'm trying. I try to pray daily, but some days I feel like I've forgotten how to pray and talk with God. My grandpa was the closest person with whom I spoke about everything. We lost him almost two years ago, on August 6, 2020. I never was mad at God or blamed Him for it, but I feel like I've gotten further and further from him ever since.

In April, my current wife and my daughter took me to see him in Evansville, IN. I had waited 15 years to see him live, and it was ABSOLUTELY worth the wait!!! I received an email during the show that said I had won a chance to meet him after the show. I decided that would be my only chance to tell him what his music had done for me. When it came time, all that came out was, "I've waited 15 years to see you sing live....." Then I just froze. In September, my wife decided we needed to see him live again, so we bought tickets to see him in Akron, OH. Right now, that's what has been keeping me going. Knowing that we will get to hear his songs live again, and hoping I may get another chance to tell him why I'm still here........

Christopher L

The rare Jeremy Camp CD that started it all:

Christopher and his daughter with Jeremey Camp

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