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Is the Artwork Online?

Updated: Sep 16, 2022

Back in the day, your CDs came with great artwork, lyrics, and a section called "Thanks." Nowadays, you get a little square of artwork to go with your album. One would think that the internet would find ways to preserve these beauties, but I'm afraid some albums that haven't made the streaming cut will be lost forever. Then there is the artwork for those CDs you still have, but then you find the internet doesn't even have high-quality artwork to go with the .mp3s.

One day I was frustrated that the Tooth and Nail Tenth anniversary CD set of didn't have a high-quality cover online, so I made my own. Enjoy. If everyone takes an album and makes an upload, we'll at least have the covers forever. I don't have an answer on how to preserve the beautiful inserts.

Here is other album covers I couldn't find online. What is a Tooth and Nail / SolidState sampler from 2002 called What On Earth?! as well as an unreleased (digitally) album from The Almost called Southern Weather Acoustic, it is only sold at shows currently. The last one is a 3 song Ep called The Color of Today by Watashi Wa. I'll keep adding more as I go. Explore and enjoy!

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