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Lost CD Collection

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

I could use your help. Close to ten years ago I started using - it promised to safeguard my physical cds and stream them online, forever. It was a beautiful concept, I still had ownership of my physical discs and I could stream it in the app, or download it into iTunes. What was even better is that discs I didn’t want anymore I could sell to other users on the platform. I never sent in many of my discs, but I ended up up spending a lot of money buying up used cds and adding to my collection in the big “cd thrift store” in the sky.

A few years ago, without warning, Murfie folded. A third party stepped in to help the CD lovers get their discs back. I sent them $100 as a down payment to get my discs shipped back to me. Luckily someone came in and bought the company. The $100 was transferred to the new ownership and John (aka Crossies/The New Murfie), was going to ship them to me. Well, COVID hit in 2020 and they haven’t been able to get their act together or up and running. The new Murfie can only stream about 18 of my discs and they still have my $100. The site is “live” and you see the owner doing video updates that he hasn’t updated in over a year.

So now I’m turning to you. I literally own these discs, but for some reason I hadn’t downloaded the .mp3s onto my hard drive yet because I was just streaming most of them. I’m turning to you to see if you could send me the .mp3s of the discs that are highlighted in a red square. I only need those! I’m not an audiophile, I don’t need FLAC. I would just love to listen to cds that I own, but are in some shipping container in a field somewhere.

My Dropbox email is and I really appreciate if you have any of these albums - would you take 10 minutes and help me out?

Luckily, I took screen shots before the app went down, so I have record of the discs I’ve “lost.”

Please see attached pictures,

Ryan T. Zeulner

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