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The Apartment

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Imagine you get a place in the middle of a busy city just to create. Then you invite all of your super talented friends together to make music as you are inspired. No time restraints, just super talented people coming together to make music. As the leader of the pack you have the skills necessary to pull it all together. Sound fun?

Well that’s the idea behind Apartment Records. Introducing, Lael as the mastermind behind this reality. Lael’s own website says this about him:

“LAEL (Jeff Schneeweis) is a 2x Grammy Nominated producer living in Redding, CA. LAEL has been crafting his own and other award winning artists’ projects for over 15 years as a producer and writer. His body of work extends over major and independent label artists. LAEL’s passion for production is rooted in connection with the heart inside of each artist. The sole inspiration of LAEL is his life-long love of music and the people around him, including his wife and 4 kids.” -

LAEL, aka Jeff Schneeweis, aka lead singer of the former band Number One Gun has already accomplished so much in the music hemisphere. With Apartment Records he is pulling in friends like Dante Bowe (huge!), Progaganda, Harolddd, Sirion Worku, Kierra Sheard, Charity Bush, Jesse Cline, Gabe Groppi, Aaron Moses, Joe L Barnes and Kidd. Who knows who else is part of this?

“This record label is built around family,” Says Gabe Groppi on his instagram announcement of joining Apartment Records. Well with the 5 songs they have released so far, it sounds like they are onto something. I wish them well, and like Gabe mentioned, this could be the launching pad this crew deserves.

Check out the songs, Cold Outside, Hollywood and Something To Believe in on your favorite music platform.

Don’t your wish your crew was as talented as The Apartment? Sounds fun right?Follow them on Instagram to see how much fun they are having making music.

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