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The Road To Transformation

Updated: Aug 29, 2022

Today I thought I’d share a quick antidote for why I chose to start FEEDtheMUSIC. Recently I was reading a book on spiritual formation, and the authors called out a road map to what they called “The humble way of transformation.” They went on to list three adjectives;

Is it small?

Is it simple?

Is it gracious?

This struck me, I not only saw the truth of these working in my own life, but I realized this is what FEEDtheMUSIC is as an organization.

FEEDtheMUSIC is a small, simple, and gracious way to bless musicians.Your donations will transform them, and in turn, their music will transform all of us. TRANSFORMATION is the heart behind FTM.

With the loss of concerts, merch sales, and the rise of streaming, now is the time to come alongside artists to show your love and support.

Will you help a music maker? Your donation can help make the next song, which can be the next inspiration for the next invention or save the life of someone who is down. We can do a lot if we stay small, simple, and gracious.

- RZ


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